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( Opening on 1st Dec 2018)


Removal of dead ,hard and dry skin from your feet ,revealing soft ,elastic  smooth skin and helping to regenerate new cells or new healthy skin. Unique method of exfoliation!

Can improve and promote blood circulation which additionally promotes healthy skins.

Great fun and enjoyable.

Relaxation and relief from stress and tension. The sensation stimulates nerves ending which in turn stimulates the nervous system in a similar way to acupuncture which helps relieve tiredness and promotes relaxation.

Feet will feel rejuvenated .

Clean and clear pores.

May help lighten scars.


+) Fish massage : 150.000 VND ( 15 minutes) - 170.000vnd ( 30 minutes) - 190.000 ( 45 minutes )

+) Fish Spa Therapy : This is the best way to take care your feet included : Fish massage and Foot massage : 390.000VND ( 45minutes ) - 490.000 VND ( 60 minutes )